Another month

  • Things to do
    1. Have the day off on Christmas
  • Music
    1. Complete my Beatles collection
      1. Yellow Submarine (songtrack)


  • Friends
    1. Hang out with Tim at least once every two months.
  • Things to do
    1. Travel on an airplane
    2. Sky dive
    3. Sing karaoke in front of strangers
    4. Vocally and vehemently express anger to a person I'm angry at.
    5. Dress up on Halloween.
    6. Distribute candy to Trick or Treaters.
  • Movies
    1. Watch everything I own that I have yet to watch on DVD
      1. The X-Files Season 1



Go mini-golfing with Theresa. (Friends #5)
Travel on an airplane (Things to Do #16)--Scheduled for November
Sky dive (Things to do #17)--Scheduled for November
Buy a good digital camera (Things to do #39)


Ketchup Post

  1. Hang out with Chris The Great at least once every two months. (in progress 2007-06-29)
  2. Hang out with Tim at least once every two months. (in progress 2007-06-29)
  3. Finish Twin Peaks with Miles and Toni. DONE
  4. Find a well-paying job with benefits. DONE
  5. Get lost. DONE
  6. Organize and catalog my books DONE
  7. Read the next five books recommended to me
    1. Kurt Vonnegut: Slaughterhouse-Five (Read 2007-06)
    2. Tori Amos: Tori Amos Piece By Piece (Recommended by Ashley)


Catching up

Friends #2: Hang out with Tim every 2 months. I fell off this wagon, but we hung out on May 15.

Things to do #7: Graduate college. Done and done.

Things to do #30: Dress down when it's not appropriate. Shorts, a black wife beater, and flip flops under my graduation gown, bitchez.


Things to do 13: Anonymously donate $100 to a charity. Done.
Things to do 41: Tip 50% to a deserving waiter/waitress
Movies #2: A Better Place watched


Catchin' up with the list

Things to do #8: Save $2000. Also, I'm going to keep saving. Real life is fun!

Movies #1: Watched the following: Baghdad Bob, Belle and Sebastian: Fans Only, Morrissey: Oye Esteban, Morrissey: Who Put the M in Manchester, The Muppet Show: Season 1, The Smiths: The Complete Picture, Uncle Saddam.

Movies#2: Watched The Bourne Identity and The Bourne Supremacy.


Another catch-all

Still working on the list. Just not writing individual entries.

I asked a girl on a date. (Things to do #5)
Had a 20-minute conversation with someone I just met (at my cousin's son's baptism last weekend) (Things to do #24)
Watched Seinfeld Seasons 5 and 6 (Movies #1)
Watched two recommended movies (Hoodwinked and Little Miss Sunshine) (Movies #9)
Heard an album recommended to me (Damien Rice's 9) (Music #7)


Catch-all update

Hung out with Timbo (1-12-07)

Applied for Survivor. (1-15-07)

Saved an entire paycheck (and a big one at that) (January 2007)

Viewed a couple of DVDs. (January)

Smell ya later.



I hung out with Chris the Great (as well as some other friends) at a bowling alley (Friends #1).

Coincidentally, I went bowling (Things to do #3).

I handwrote a letter to my friend Belinda (Things to do #12).

I watched several of my DVDs--Blue Velvet, The Producers, and Emmet Otter's Jug-Band Christmas (Movies #1 and #2).